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Unveiling NYC: a weekend of art, books, and creativity

This past weekend, my journey to the buzzing streets of New York City was nothing short of extraordinary. Not only did I embark on a mission to launch my book, "Decoding The Flow," but I also spread my new art across the city, all in a bid to overcome my creative block.

In an exciting collaboration, WeBook Publishing, the Latina-founded indie publisher, brought its renowned Author's Panel to Barnes & Noble Tribeca in the heart of New York City. The event marked the grand celebration of six remarkable book launches.

Among the illustrious guests were Ana Silvani, a multifaceted author, producer, and the visionary founder of WeBook; Maytê Carvalho, the winner of "The Apprentice Brazil - Special Edition;" Suzana Pires, an award-winning Brazilian actress, executive producer, and entrepreneur; Michele Galluf, a Brazilian-born author and intrepid adventurer; and yours truly, Drica Lobo, a painter and the creative genius behind the captivating book covers at WeBook. To add to the grandeur, we were joined by Andrea Iorio, a keynote speaker renowned in Brazil for his expertise in Digital Transformation, Leadership, AI, and Web3.

I would love to share with you a few short videos. The first showcased my artistic creations spread throughout the city as part of my creative re-awakening. The second video was a captivating glimpse into the WeBook event, where literary enthusiasts and book aficionados converged to celebrate the power of storytelling.



My public speaking skills, a work in progress, showed noticeable improvement from my previous endeavors. This time, I exuded a newfound confidence, though I remain committed to continuous growth and learning.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my weekend in the heart of NYC, filled with art, books, and boundless creativity. Stay tuned for more adventures on my journey of self-expression!

Color Your Life!

Love, Drica

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