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Decoding The Flow book is now available in hardcover or paperback.


You can get your signed copy through my publisher Webook Publishing!

You can also find both on Amazon. Click here.

These pages are filled with powerful insights and personal breakthroughs. It is an investigation into flow states of consciousness that will boost your way of living.  


This book will change how you look at everything and everyone around you. An empowering space that offers perspective shifts to help unlock your superpowers.


Through my creations, I strive to help people see the world with optimism, and encourage my audience to shift perspectives and ponder the mysteries of the universe. I'm is now picking up my pen to spread my art through my first book, Decoding the Flow, detailing my process and passion for creation.


Decoding The Flow is not only a memoir but also a guide on learning to go with the natural flow of your life by optimizing your creativity with unshakeable confidence. Drica takes pivotal moments of her life and centers them in the context of ‘going with the flow’ and reflects on her hopes and fears during these moments.

This book is a tool to help those who want to change by providing self-reflective exercises that help you challenge preconceived notions of yourself, refocus your subconscious, and put your priorities to help you in your journey to decode your flow and become the best version of yourself.



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