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"The colors of my creations aspire to embody the power within you! I believe that we all have what it takes to be bold and fearless while embracing the unknown. It aligns the truth of my experience to help you have a sense of wonder, of seeing things anew, of things that can catch us of guard, and those that break in our bordered world. My art aims to shift perspectives and inspire the creation of new experiences in a fresh evolving way. To be looked at as if colors were feelings and also possibilities. Even as if the strokes were frequencies, translated into energy and intangible forces that surround us".

Credit: Monica Orozco/Southbay Magazine


Drica's fascination with art began as a small child. But it wasn't until she moved to California that her art had a new beginning. Her aesthetic begins to shift, and she found her way of interpretation of frequencies and energy around us, enhancing a unique perspective in dynamic strokes, bold colors, and intricate texture. 

She currently lives and works in Hermosa Beach. Her art is included in public and private collections worldwide. 


Conceptual and bold to its core. Not only does Lobo's art allow for observing the parallel of skies and below, but it also challenges perceptions and supports whimsical consideration.


The unique way she explores her acrylic paintings into the canvas in such an evolving way as if colors were feelings, and also possibilities.


Brazilian-born, California based artist Drica Lobo makes modern landscapes, transforming familiar vistas into an optimistic scenario, manipulating shapes through an ethereal gradient layer that directs the eye to an imaginary field of possibilities.

Shifting between traveling and working in her studio, Lobo creates pieces representing freedom of mind  & dreamlike state. A contemplation is fabricated to conjure the realms of imagination, rather than presenting a factual reality in her paintings.

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