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What do Drica Lobo and Sharon Stone have in common?

Hello, hello friend,

My journey in the world of creativity took an unexpected turn when I was in charge of designing book covers for my favorite publishing company, WeBook Publishing. Last year, they published my book, Decoding The Flow, stimulating me to expand my skill set by learning graphic design.

Unleashed book by Suzana Pires, WeBook Publishing
Unleashed book by Suzana Pires, WeBook Publishing

The latest highlight of my career was designing the book cover for the renowned Brazilian actress Suzana Pires. To my delight, the legendary Sharon Stone wrote the foreword for her book. Yay! This extraordinary collaboration resulted in a beautiful cover design.

When offered the opportunity to handle cover book designs for WeBook, I eagerly accepted the challenge. I then started learning more about graphic design. Little did I know that this venture would lead me down a path of growth and opportunities.

The project involved months of dedication, negotiating ideas, and refining my creative process. The joy I felt when my design was approved was indescribable—it was a milestone in my journey as an artist.

But destiny had more surprises in store for me. To my amazement, I discovered that the foreword for Suzana Pires' book would be written by Sharon Stone herself. Sharon's renowned career and philanthropic endeavors have always inspired me, making this collaboration all the more meaningful.

When Suzana Pires' book, featuring my cover design and Sharon Stone's heartfelt foreword, hit the shelves, it symbolized more than a successful collaboration—it embodied the power of serendipity and the beautiful connection that can emerge through art and creativity.

Unleahed book by Suzana Pires, WeBook Publishing
Unleashed book by Suzana Pires, WeBook Publishing

The book launch happens on Saturday, Aug 19, 2023, at Barnes & Noble, as part of National Latina Day in Los Angeles. You are more than welcome to join us. Please, RSVP here.

Special thanks to my dear friend and powerhouse, Ana Silvani, founder of WeBook Publishing, for trusting my work.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts about the book cover design.

Love, Drica

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