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Overcoming my creative block

Hello, hello. friend!

Art has always been a profound channel for expressing emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Yet, there are moments when life's challenges can cast a shadow over our creativity, giving birth to the dreaded artist's block. This blog post will take you through my battle with artist's block during a wild healing period and a breakup.

But what is a creative block? For me, it is a scary moment in the path of a maker. It sabotages progress and raises doubts about the creator's identity. You create as a creator: if you are stuck, you may be phony and not creative.

"Creative blocks, or barriers to inspiration, can be described as the inability to access one's internal creativity."

Taking Time to Heal and Reflect:

Since April, I have not had consistent studio practice creating new art, only finishing projects I was hired to do! I loved every single one. Instead, I granted myself the invaluable gift of time and space to heal. I've delved deep into the experiences that have molded me and contemplated how they might leave me feeling stuck for years. But now, it's time to make my triumphant return!

Returning to art after a hiatus requires patience and self-compassion. I set achievable goals, whether completing a miniature painting, experimenting, or simply spending time in my creative space.

Instead of doing something new right away or pushing through a block, I focus on the fundamentals of the craft to get going.

Rediscovering the Joy of Creating:

Creative blocks often happen to us because we've become so deeply ingrained in our role as makers that we forget the simple beauty of experimenting, making mistakes, and learning.

As I navigate this process, I'm determined to return to the canvas with a newfound sense of purpose. I remind myself daily that my art isn't just a reflection of my past; it's a celebration of my present and a vivid vision of the future.

A Glimpse of My Recent Work:

In the past week alone, I've unleashed my creativity onto four new canvases—one medium-sized and three small pieces of art. An idea struck me today, and I leaped into action without hesitation! This weekend, during my book launch in New York, you'll get an exclusive insight into the spirit of this idea.

Stay tuned; the artist's block has been conquered, and the canvas awaits my vibrant revival!

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