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Ultimate Guide To Start Your Art Collection

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Are you feeling inspired to freshen up your home now that summer is almost gone? Then you think about art collecting and can only freak out because you have no idea where to begin?

I've got you covered! If you have been following my Instagram account, part of my content is to help demystify collecting art. Because I believe original art IS for everyone! Find my Instagram HERE!

Let's start with the basics!

What is an art collection?

An art collection is an accumulation of works of art by a private individual or a public institution.

Collecting art is an age-old practice and has a long history. Most of the world's art museums grew out of significant private collections formed by royalty, the aristocracy, or the wealthy.

As well as the ancient Greeks and Romans loved to surround themselves with sculptures, royal families would cultivate extensive portraiture and landscape painting collections. The list goes on and on until up to the modern world that we live in.

However, it is a common misconception that you have to be wealthy or famous to pursue a passion for art. Many art collectors actually start out on a smaller budget as they learn to navigate the ins and outs of the art world.

Why collect art?

There are many reasons to start an art collection. Individuals may begin to collect as a form of investment or as a way to support the arts. I consider it a very subjective experience, but it is also a great way to showcase aspects of YOUR personality and make a statement about who exactly you are.

You can always look for ways to decorate your home, but ART is different. It's something you can appreciate instantly, and the act of putting it up will make any place feel like home. It's also more than just owning an object and more like creating an opportunity to be surrounded by joy every day that you can have and turn into a legacy for generations to come.

However, if you are thinking of starting an art collection of your very own, here are some tips on how to get started and why.


Answers From Drica Lobo

1 . Trust your own taste. If you always wait for approval, chances are you will never be free of doubts and indecisions;

2. If you feel uncomfortable starting your collection with a large centerpiece, start with small paintings. You can, later on, create your own gallery wall with multiple small pieces. (it's my personal favorite, especially if you travel and love to acquire art from around the world);

3. Original art prints are great too, and usually more affordable;

4. Have a monthly budget for art wall;

5. Engage in your local artist community. Make time to go to art exhibitions, fairs, talk to local artists, gallery owners. They will love to talk to you and engage in a conversation. It's a great way start creating deeper connections before purchase;

6. Discover artists on Instagram and Pinterest;

7. If you LOVE it, go for it! Remember, it's about YOUR connection with the art piece or artist. When I look around my personal art collection, I can see a little bit of my personality on each of them.

Answer from a Gallery Owner

"With Shockboxx, I've had a front row seat to watch art collecting from both the perspective of the collector and the artist. As an emerging gallery, we've watched these artists and collectors grow together. What stands out is the power in how each relates to the other. I've heard from so many first time collectors about how different it feels to begin to tell the story of the artist and how and where they purchased the piece. There is always a story behind the piece, not just from the artist, but now the collectors as well. It is this relationship to the piece where owning original art feels so much more important than something that might have been mass produced." - Mike Collins, Owner of Shockboxx Project

Answers From Art Collectors

1. "I have always been an art lover. When I see an original painting or a work of art that moves me to the extent I get chills and makes me feel, among many positive feelings, thoughts, and memories, in love, it is a sure sign I'd like to have access to it always. Once in my home, those paintings become part of my joy, my centering, my zen. The collecting of this particular creator's art is because I listen to my intuition as I know others may feel the same way, and for eternity, therefore it would be a good investment." Denise Mankewitz

2. "My advice would be to start small and get to know your space before you jump in. " Lisa Logan

3. "Your life can be much more colorful if you look it through the lens of art. Find yours..." Paula Xexeu

4. "To me, you have to see something that speaks to you. When I saw Drica's abstract world painting, I knew it was mine". Marcele Nascimento

5. "In starting your art collection it is important to love the piece you purchase. Its an investment and when you look at it, the joy you feel is constant. When I look at our Drica collection, each one is a reminder of our beach life and honor of also knowing you. Two fantastic aspects of our life." Sarah Richardson

6. "When purchasing artwork, is all about less thought and more feeling. Its when the piece resonates with you. And we feel we want it, then we make space for it." Daniel Olexa

7. "If you are looking for an amazing local artist, look no further. Drica is talented, easy to work with, super sweet, and will even bring her art to your home to help you select pieces. Our original is super special in that it's calming yet inspiring! I find myself staring at it frequently. - Sheri Kaplan Weinstein


I hope these tips will help you get started! Comment below what was your biggest take away!

Color. Your.Live!

With Love, Drica

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