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The Psychology of Buying Art

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Hello hello beautiful people!

Do you ever ask yourself why you do what you do? I find very interesting and keep it in mind every step of my career. Which is why my paintings are made with so much love. To empower you to find more happiness through my art. When my work reveals an influence to your emotions and wellbeing. Creating the connection between my artwork and you, well... that's what I call success!

I truly believe that the painting you love has the power to transform your space,  but selecting the right piece can be complicated. After all, we live with our art. So how do you go about finding a piece that ultimately reflects your soul?

To elevate your experience as an art collector, I talked to my dear client and therapist, Aline Inocencio. She helps demystify this process, by going deep into the psychology of buying art and the power of positive, colorful art. I am very grateful to call her a friend.

Check out her interview and find out how to choose art you love that resonates with you.

Q & A with brilliant Marriage and Family Therapist: Aline Inocencio

1. What are the benefits of purchasing an original piece of artwork?

Our likes and dislikes were constructed throughout our lives, therefore, an original piece of artwork can feel just as unique as the experiences that we have been through. The individuality of who we are can be expressed in a custom piece as well. Going a step further, if the artist is creating a piece of art exclusive for you, he/she will try to translate his/her perception of you into colors and shapes, and the overall composition could then have a further impact for those who they are meant to.

2. From a psychological perspective, what leads someone to be "in love" with a piece of art to make a purchase?

The things that we are attracted to (colors, shapes, sounds, people, food, etc...) are a representation of different parts of our psyche. When we admire a piece of artwork and we feel “drawn” to it, we see a part of us expressed outside of ourselves, and that connection is often times, what leads someone to buy a painting.

3. Does the art in your home can affect your daily life?

Absolutely! Colors are stimulating to the brain, it can influence how you feel just by entering a room. Pieces of artwork, due to its symbology, can also trigger feelings of happiness, euphoria, sadness, and so on… The way of which the piece was acquired will also carry a strong meaning; perhaps it was a gift from someone, or the painting is the reflection of a special place, or it was the first original artwork that you purchased, the remembrance of how that piece ended up with you will influence how you feel every time you see it, even if subconsciously.

4. Can a piece of artwork help you understand yourself better?

Yes! The journey inward is one that will lead to a better understanding of yourself, your experiences, and your difficulties. Independently if you are creating art or falling in love with a piece of artwork, exploring ourselves in the projection of our likes and dislikes is a great way to gain a different perspective of who we are underneath it all.  

5. Is it possible to overcome the fear of colors? How?

A fear (or resistance) to something -  even of a specific color, can be a reflection of a negative experience. This experience, although our memory may not recall, our subconscious is aware it because it lets us know through a feelings of dislike. There are many things that we can overcome, it all starts with an intention and a desire to feel differently, the experiences that you may have after setting that intention, is what leads you to this place where you understand why/how you feel. A therapist can always help in the process of overcoming anything that you may choose as a goal, from your fears to feelings of anguish and sadness.

6. Do you believe that bright colors in your wall can make you happier?

Possibly! Colors do impact much of how we feel, therefore, depending on the experience that one has had with certain colors and images, yes, it could potentially make one feel happier.

Aline Inocencio, MA Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

So good, right? My final conclusion is that you have the power to  make your space the ultimate motivational tool for you, your family and your visitors. An interesting piece of art can really elevate your home and make you even want to change places in the dining room, just to stare at a good art. I had a few wonderful collectors that said that to me and I was thrilled ;). Isn't it so amazing?  

If you can’t find art you connect with or have a very specific idea in mind, another option is having work commissioned. To find out more here, click here.

With the art that we are surrounded by, can affect our mood in a positive way, making us feel happier, calmer, or even inspired to do something. And this is the mere reason why art is important in our daily lives.

Aline and the founder of Windows of Hope Counseling Center, Dawn Hulme, commissioned 2 big paintings from me and are proud to be part of #troopdricaloboart.

“We wanted our Counseling center to reflect our passion for Long Beach. We specifically chose Drica given her intuitively use of bright color! We want our clients and patients to have an experience at the moment they walk into our waiting room. We often get positive comments about the vibe that our center offers, and I believe that great part of that is due to the artwork we have”.

Long Beach at Night

My huge thank you to Aline and the wonderful team at Windows of Hope Counseling Center. They offer online and in person therapy sessions.

You can also speak to Aline at 562-548-0304 in the US.

Find out more at their website:

I really hope this content has helped you. Feel free to share it. This information might help a friend or a colleague who are passionate about art, just like US!

Color Your Life!

With love,




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