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How art commission works + pro tips for collectors

Hello Hello, my dear friend!

I get asked many times about commission work; it seems to confuse some people unfamiliar with this art world term. That's why I'm writing this post because it's time to demystify so you can stop feeling intimidated every time an artist says: I accept art commission.

Commissioning art is the process of hiring an artist to create artwork based on the client's request. Then, it's a custom art made to order for you ;) It's one of my favorites ways to work with my collectors. I love the co-creation part of it. I mean, I take it very seriously because the birth of an art commission would never exist before if it wasn't for the client's ideas and requests.

To be honest, if you are considering commissioning a piece for the first time, it can be a little scary. But, it can also be a fun and collaborative experience!

There are many reasons why people commission artworks. Sometimes, the piece they really like is too large or too expensive. In that case, a client is likely to request a smaller or more affordable piece. Or if you can't quite find the perfect piece for that awkward space above the fireplace? Or maybe an artwork has already caught your eye, but it's not quite the right size or color.

There's also a more specific art commission type, where you love the artist's style and want a representation of a picture of your latest vacation, or a photo of your dog, weeding day, old car... you name it. I even painted a mitochondrial membrane, and the result is stunning! (see gallery below)

Don't worry. I've got you covered! The most important thing to know is to be familiar with the artist's style and respect that. I mean, you don't want to commission an abstract painter for your realist portrait? Honoring the artist's way is my tip #1 to a successful art commission.

Tip #2

Communication during the entire process. Local collectors usually visit my studio or we meet up for lunch, but a phone call can also work for international, or out of town collector. I avoid email only because important information can be miss interpreted along the way.

Once accepted, you pay the deposit to get the ball rolling, and when you're 100% happy with the final piece, you pay the remaining. I love to send videos of the process, photos, sometimes I show up LIVE on Instagram while painting. It's very special, I put so much love to it! As always ;)

Tip # 3

Have a clear idea of what you want; the more references you have, the better the artist's understanding. If you do not have pictures, trust the artist's vision and embrace a good conversation cause the idea will follow.

Tip # 4

Consider time! It usually takes about 4 months for this process. It depends on the artist's schedule, so the early you start the process, the better. Especially if you need the painting at a particular time. Like holidays, birthdays, or anniversary gifts.

I hope these tips were helpful and inspired you to hire a fantastic artist to bring your vision to life! I have two spots OPEN for August/September. I plan to be away in October to deal with some family matter in Brazil :(

I know it sounds crazy, but if you are looking to beautify your home for the holidays, this is your time! Send an email to to save your place.

Check out this gallery with some fantastic art commissions I created with my beautiful collectors. NOTE: Some of them have a theme that I usually wouldn't paint, but I was able to bring it forth, respecting my style and the client's vision. That's the beauty of art commissions!

Enjoy the gallery!



Drica Lobo



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