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Stories of Hermosa Beach: art, collectors, and the power of creativity

Updated: Apr 29

Hello friend,

Living and creating art in Hermosa Beach, California, inspires me. Recently, I collaborated with a friend, and art collector, Kevin Powell, who wanted to capture the essence of Hermosa Beach through my art. He had decorated his residence with several of my art pieces, but an empty space in his guest room dreamed of being filled with a narrative, a love story, a celebration of life in Hermosa Beach.

The collector was drawn to my painting "The Bubble," which encapsulated the essence of the South Bay, Hermosa Beach's location, pristine beaches, emerging culinary scene, and vibrant cultural offerings. For him, Hermosa Beach was a sanctuary, a refuge from the outside world. Through "The Bubble," he conveyed his affection and sense of belonging to his adopted hometown.

The Bubble, Drica Lobo, Original painting, signed 2019
The Bubble, Drica Lobo, Original painting, signed 2019

Inspired by "The Bubble," the collector commissioned another painting and my latest, "Double Rainbow." This painting depicted a double rainbow stretching over the iconic Hermosa Beach Pier, symbolizing hope, good luck, and prosperity. It was a fitting metaphor for the collector's 40-year journey in Hermosa Beach, marked by resilience, joy, and an unwavering love for this coastal haven.

Double Rainbow, Drica Lobo, Original, signed 2014
Double Rainbow, Drica Lobo, Original, signed 2014

Through my art, I strive to capture the essence of a time and place, to evoke emotions and spark conversations. Art can touch hearts, inspire minds, and transform spaces.

Drica Lobo Art Creations
Art collector Kevin Powell, with his new paintings

Here's what Kevin has to say about his experience:

"An important aspect of my home art selection is not just the beauty but the story it represents as well. I had been wanting to update my guest bedroom for many months but could not decide how. I spoke multiple times with Drica who never rushed my decision. A few weeks before my next guest arrived I was ready. The lower piece was created previously by Drica and I had admired it multiple times, but I needed a companion piece. I asked Drica to create a custom double rainbow with the HB pier in the background. So what story is represented?? The bubble is Hermosa Beach, the self-contained community I have lived in 40+ years. The rainbows represent the good luck and prosperity I hope for my guests. Drica is a local artist that captures the essence of Hermosa Beach through use of bold vibrant colors".

I invite you to explore my latest collection and consider commissioning your own storytelling art. Let art be your voice, your vessel for expression. Together, let's continue celebrating Hermosa Beach's beauty and beyond.

Color Your Life!

Love, Drica

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