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Why Beauty Matters?

Hello friend!

Welcome to my world of curiosity and beauty. I'm a visual artist with a passion for knowledge and wonder (you may already know that; if not, Hello, I'm Drica!).

Born and raised in Brazil, I'm fluent in Portuguese and English. Besides art, I love exploring psychology, neuroscience, creativity, consciousness, physical health, well-being, marketing, design, and (most recently) philosophy.

I've been diving deeper into philosophy recently and came across Plato's Theory of Beauty and Socrates's brilliant insights. Moreover, in contemporary discourse, Roger Scruton's documentary "Why Beauty Matters?" sheds light on the enduring relevance of beauty in our modern world.

In this blog post, we'll journey through ancient philosophy and contemporary thought to unravel the profound significance of beauty, its essence, and its transformative power. Come with me! you'll love as much as I did!

Plato's Theory of Beauty:

Not for reproduction! Drica's collage of Plato.
Not for reproduction! Drica's collage of Plato.

The respected ancient Greek philosopher Plato contemplated the nature of beauty in his notable dialogues. According to Plato, beauty is not merely a superficial attribute but an embodiment of higher truths and ideals. He proposed the theory of Forms, suggesting that the physical world is but a reflection of perfect, immutable forms. In this context, beauty is one such form—an eternal essence that transcends the material realm. For Plato, pursuing beauty was synonymous with the quest for wisdom and virtue, as beauty was a pathway to contemplating the divine. WOW!

Socrates' Perspective on Beauty:

Not for reproduction! Drica's collage of Socrates.
Not for reproduction! Drica's collage of Socrates.

Socrates, Plato's mentor and a pivotal figure in Western philosophy offered his insights into the nature of beauty. Unlike Plato, Socrates emphasized the importance of inner beauty—the beauty of the soul—over external appearances. He believed true beauty emanates from a harmonious alignment of one's thoughts, actions, and virtues. Socrates urged individuals to cultivate wisdom, temperance, and moral integrity, asserting that genuine beauty lies in the goodness of character rather than superficial adornments. It's perfect!

Roger Scruton's "Why Beauty Matters?":

In the contemporary landscape, a prominent philosopher, Roger Scruton delves into the significance of beauty in his compelling documentary, "Why Beauty Matters?." Scruton laments the decline of beauty in modern art and culture, arguing that its dismissal has led to a cultural impoverishment and spiritual void. He contends that beauty is a vital anchor in human experience, offering solace, inspiration, and transcendence amidst the tumult of existence. Scruton's documentary serves as a poignant reminder of the intrinsic value of beauty and the need to rekindle our appreciation for it in all its forms.

You can watch this movie here: WHY BEAUTY MATTERS?

Beauty as a Call to Becoming Better

As a visual artist deeply immersed in the creation of beauty inspired by nature, I resonate with Plato, Socrates, and Scruton's perspectives on beauty. Beauty is not merely a passive aesthetic experience but a dynamic force that waves us toward self-improvement and transcendence.

When we encounter beauty, whether in art, nature, or human relationships, it evokes a profound sense of longing and belonging—a nostalgic yearning for a higher state of being. In its purest form, beauty compels us to aspire towards moral and spiritual elevation, reminding us of our inherent capacity for growth and transformation.

From the elevated ideals of Plato and Socrates to the contemporary insights of Roger Scruton, the significance of beauty resonates across time and culture.

As a visual artist, I'm reminded of the sacred responsibility to infuse my creations with beauty, not merely as an aesthetic embellishment but as a catalyst for personal and collective evolution.

In embracing beauty, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, guided by the eternal allure of that which is truly sublime.

I'm in awe of this week's discovery, which has been around for years. I hope you enjoyed it! Please share your thoughts on BEAUTY with me. I would love to start this conversation!

Color Your Life!

Love, Drica


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