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Overcoming the wall space dilemma: creative solutions for art collectors

Hello friend,

I often hear from collectors at art fairs that they have fallen in love with a new piece but simply don't have the wall space to display it. It's a common challenge but one that can be creatively addressed. Art is meant to bring joy and resonate with your home and personality, so here are SEVEN innovative solutions to consider when you find yourself with a new favorite piece and no room to hang it.

Flowers Belong With You . Original. Drica Lobo. Signed 2023. 36"x30". Acrylic on Canvas
Flowers Belong With You . Original. Drica Lobo. Signed 2023. 36"x30". Acrylic on Canvas

1 Rotate Your Art Collection

One effective strategy is to rotate your collection. You can keep your home environment fresh and dynamic by periodically changing the artwork on display. This approach allows you to enjoy different pieces at various times. It prevents visual fatigue, ensuring each artwork gets its moment to shine.

Tip: Consider creating a seasonal rotation schedule, where different pieces are displayed in sync with the changing seasons or holidays. This can enhance the atmosphere of your home and bring a renewed sense of joy every few months.

2 Donate to a Good Cause

If you have pieces that no longer resonate with you as strongly, consider donating them to charitable organizations, schools, or community centers. This generosity can bring immense satisfaction, knowing that your art is appreciated by others and contributing to a positive cause.

Tip: Look for local nonprofits or educational institutions that benefit from your donation. This can also build connections within your community and introduce more people to the art world.

3. Loan to Friends or Family

Sharing your collection with friends or family members is another delightful option. This allows your art to be appreciated in new settings and can deepen your relationships with loved ones. Plus, it provides a temporary solution until you have space to bring the piece back home.

Tip: Create a simple agreement to ensure the safety and proper care of the artwork while it is on loan. This can be a fun way to spread the joy of art without the need for permanent separation.

4. Auction or Sell a Piece

If you are out of space and unable to part with other pieces, consider auctioning or selling an artwork. This can be a practical way to make room for new acquisitions while potentially funding future purchases.

Tip: Research reputable auction houses or online platforms to ensure you get a fair price for your artwork. Sometimes, letting go of one piece can lead to acquiring something that resonates even more with your current taste and style.

5. Expand Your Display Options

Think beyond the walls! There are various creative ways to display art that can free up wall space:

  • Art Shelves and Ledges: To display smaller pieces, use floating shelves or picture ledges. These can be arranged in various configurations and allow for easy swapping.

  • Furniture and Surfaces: Consider placing art on tabletops, mantels, or the floor, leaning against a wall. This can create a casual, eclectic look.

  • Ceiling Mounts: Consider hanging pieces from the ceiling for a truly unique display. This works particularly well in loft-style spaces or homes with high ceilings.

6. Storage Solutions

If rotating or donating is not an option, proper storage can help you manage your collection. Invest in archival-quality storage solutions to protect your artwork when it's not on display. This ensures that your pieces remain in excellent condition and are ready to be enjoyed again in the future.

Tip: Label and catalog stored pieces carefully. Keeping a digital inventory with photos and details of each artwork can help you keep track of your collection and plan future rotations.

7. Create a Dedicated Art Space

If your current living space is at capacity, consider creating a dedicated art space in your home. This could be a spare room, a section of your basement, or even an outdoor area if climate and security permit. Turning a specific area into a mini gallery allows you to display more pieces without overcrowding your main living spaces.

Tip: Design the space with proper lighting and climate control to effectively protect and showcase your art. Consider adding comfortable seating to create a personal gallery to immerse yourself in your collection.

Running out of wall space doesn't mean you must stop collecting art. By exploring these creative solutions, you can continue to enjoy new acquisitions and maintain a vibrant, joyful home. Remember, art is meant to resonate with your personality and bring happiness. Embrace the challenge and let your collection evolve to reflect your unique style and passion for art.

Let me know in the comments if you will implement some of these strategies! Feel free to share with a friend who migh need these ideas.

Color Your Life!

Love, Drica


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