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How do I choose a title for my artwork?

Hello hello friend!

Read this post as I reveal the secrets to creating titles that inspire, captivate, and leave a lasting impact on my art collectors.

Choosing a title for your artwork is an elaborate dance between inspiration, personal connection, and creativity. For me, naming my pieces is a journey that unfolds in different ways, each contributing to the unique story behind every brushstroke. The journey often sets the tone for the entire creative process. Sometimes, the title emerges before I touch the canvas, a guiding star influencing every stroke. Other times, I find inspiration in unexpected places. Also, the beauty of my native language, Portuguese, adds another layer of meaning to my creations that transcends translation.

1. The Spark of Imagination: When Titles Lead the Way

Sometimes, the title is not just a finishing touch; it's a starting point. There are paintings where a phrase or word sparks my imagination, and from that, the artwork unfolds. It's a delicate balance between the visual and the verbal, where the title sets the tone for the piece, influencing its colors and forms.

2. Symphony of Titles: Finding Harmony in Spotify's Melodies

Living in the digital age, inspiration can be found in unexpected corners. With its vast collection of music titles, Spotify has become my secret garden of creative potential. Browsing through song names, I stumble upon phrases that resonate with the emotions

I want to bring. Sometimes, a subtle tweak transforms these titles into something

uniquely mine.

3. Lost in Translation: Embracing the Power of Portuguese

Being a Portuguese speaker, I find a certain depth in my native language that sometimes eludes translation. Certain words carry cultural nuances and emotions that are best expressed in Portuguese. When I paint, I often explore titles in my native language, creating a bridge between the visual and linguistic, allowing for a more authentic expression.

Example: The Power of Portuguese, 'Lupa'
Example: The Power of Portuguese, 'Lupa'

4. Breaking Down Barriers: Personal story and the outside world

I also create a space for dialogue and interpretation by embracing titles from my background, life experiences, and books I read. This approach enriches my artistic experience and invites viewers from diverse backgrounds to engage with my work on a deeper, more interconnected level.

Choosing a title for my artwork is a fluid and intricate process. Whether the inspiration comes from the title itself, the melodies of Spotify, or the rich tapestry of my native language, I allow creativity to guide me. As an artist, I embrace the ever-changing nature of this process, letting my imagination flow freely and creating a harmonious blend of words and visuals that captivates and resonates with those who encounter my art.

Let me know in the comments your toughts on my creative process.

Happy New Year!

Color. Your. Life!

Love, Drica


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