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And the 2023 season comes to an end! Let's review it

Hello, hello friend!

Presenting my annual report for both my personal and professional life. The foremost thought that appears is the amplified vulnerability I experienced — an innate consequence of my commitment to weekly blogging throughout 2023. It was challenging to expose my vulnerability, but hey, embracing it is an artist's primary trait. I had never articulated it before, only translating it onto canvas.


I wrote 52 blog posts in 2023, sharing weekly insights—from art business and personal life to tips on art collection, care, curated collections, and much more. I trust you found it enjoyable, and I seek your input for the upcoming year; please share what you'd like to see more of.


I completed two murals, the first being massive and possibly my most significant project. It painted a preschool in Redondo Beach, CA. The second was a Mini Library Art Installation in Redondo Beach, CA, designed to captivate and inspire the community by celebrating Brazilian literature and culture. This initiative aims to preserve cultural heritage, promote reading, and establish a space for connection and exchange.


In the heart of Manhattan Beach, a creative wave is sweeping through the streets, transforming ordinary utility boxes into canvases of artistic expression. I'm thrilled to share that my artwork has been selected for The Utility Box Beautification Project—an inspiring initiative by the City Council and Cultural Arts Commission, celebrating the incredible talent of local artists.


I undertook seven art commissions in 2023, among my favorites, because they involve co-creating with clients to produce something unique that aligns with their specific needs and my artistic aesthetic.


I also crafted 15 original art pieces, many of which grace my new 2024 wall calendar. Admittedly, my time in the studio needed to be improved. I faced periods of creative block and personal challenges that kept me away. Nonetheless, the numbers are not significant; the essence and meaning of my art are what truly matter. Do you agree?

On a different note, I painted 42 ornaments this holiday season, and they were a hit! I plan to do it again in 2024.


We held a captivating group show at Pull&Thread, featuring three South Bay artists: Drica Lobo, Maya, and Meredith DuBois. Titled "Trifecta," the exhibition celebrated rebirth, hope, and renewal with the arrival of spring.

Additionally, my art show and open house extravaganza took center stage in Redondo Beach, CA—a dream realized with Denton & Denton Group, who shared the same vision and made it happen!

Furthermore, I had a solo art exhibition, "Parallels," at Culture Brewing in Downtown Manhattan Beach, California, in November. The showcase featured my latest paintings and carefully selected pieces from my studio. "Parallels" remains a project close to my heart, symbolizing the alignment of my art with my mind after a challenging yet transformative year.


"Life is a journey of unexpected turns and surprising destinations." This quote perfectly encapsulates my incredible 20-year adventure in America. What began as a one-year plan to study English in Atlanta swiftly evolved into a life-changing experience filled with personal growth, artistic exploration, and a deep connection to two places I proudly call home.


In September, I embarked on an extraordinary journey to the bustling streets of New York City. Not only did I strive to launch my book, "Decoding The Flow," but I also adorned the city with my new art, all to overcome my creative block.


Dark times, a breakup, and a sense of disconnection from my art—I thought I would never paint again. Yet, I'm immensely proud of this journey and the methods I employed to break free from my creative block. You can read more about here.


I continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, working out five times a week, consuming minimal alcohol, and nourishing my body with good food. 

Additionally, I maintain a daily journal, attend therapy once a week, practice hoponopono daily, and have established a morning routine for facial massages and self-hypnosis.

I've never felt more confident and prepared for the upcoming year. I'm utilizing every tool to balance my life and align my mind with my most significant goals.

May this inspire you, and I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead.

Happy New Year!

Color Your Life!

Love, Drica


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