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From stuck to success: a creative's journey of healing, and meeting a solo show deadline

Hello friend,

Creative blocks can be incredibly frustrating, leaving artists feeling stuck and uninspired. However, sometimes, the path to overcoming these obstacles leads to not only artistic breakthroughs but also profound self-discovery and healing. In this blog post, we'll explore how I managed to conquer my creative block, heal from it, discover myself, and ultimately meet a solo show deadline.

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Studio selfie

The first step in overcoming my creative block is acknowledging its existence. It's okay to admit when you're struggling. Being honest with myself about my creative block was the catalyst for change. I had to recognize that I wasn't alone in this struggle and that many artists face similar challenges.

Healing is an essential part of the creative process. For me, it involved taking a step back from my work and focusing on self-care. I practiced meditation, went for long walks in nature, and prioritized rest. These activities not only helped me recharge but also allowed me to reflect on the deeper causes of my creative block. I discovered that my block was linked to personal issues and emotional struggles that needed attention.

During my healing process, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I engaged in activities that I had previously neglected and explored new interests. Through journaling and therapy, I learned more about myself, my fears, and the sources of my creative block. This self-awareness was instrumental in breaking free from the limitations that had held me back.

Once I had addressed my emotional issues and gained self-awareness, I started reconnecting with my creativity. I allowed myself to experiment, make mistakes, and create without the pressure of a looming deadline. This freedom to explore and play was incredibly liberating and led to a renewed passion for my art.

As my creative flow returned, I challenged myself further by setting a solo show deadline. This decision wasn't made lightly, as I knew it would push me to produce a body of work within a defined timeframe. The deadline provided me with the motivation I needed to focus on my art and maintain my momentum.

Throughout the journey, I learned to embrace the creative process itself rather than just focusing on the end result. Creating was just as important as the final exhibition. Each stroke of the brush was a step toward self-expression and personal growth.

Meeting the Deadline:

With determination and a newfound sense of purpose, I met my solo show deadline. The journey was far from easy, but it was gratifying. The art I created during this time was not only a reflection of my healing and self-discovery but also a testament to the power of perseverance.

Overcoming a creative block is a transformative journey that involves healing, self-discovery, and, often, the setting of challenging goals. The experience of overcoming a creative block can be as meaningful as the art itself, reminding us that our creative journey reflects our personal growth and resilience.

I hope to see you Friday ay my solo show, in Manhattan Beach, CA!

Color Your Life!

Love, Drica


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