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Inside "Parallels": my solo art exhibition in downtown Manhattan Beach

I'm excited to share my upcoming solo art exhibition, "Parallels," at Culture Brewing in Downtown Manhattan Beach, California, on Friday, November 3rd, from 5pm to 9 pm. This exhibition is a deeply personal journey for me. I'll be showcasing my latest paintings and some carefully selected ones from my studio. "Parallels" is a project close to my heart, symbolizing the alignment of my art with my mind after a challenging yet transformative year.

Drica Lobo Art Opening Parallels
Drica Lobo Art Opening Parallels

The Meaning Behind "Parallels":

"Parallels" is more than just a title; it reflects the profound connection between my art and my inner world. Over the past year, I faced numerous challenges and experienced personal growth, all of which have left their mark on this collection. This exhibition is a testament to resilience, a demonstration of the capacity of art to act as a mirror to the soul, forging a parallel path between creativity and the human spirit.

The past year has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and "Parallels" is my way of showcasing the strength that can be found in adversity and the personal growth that can emerge from challenging times. It's a celebration of the power of creativity to transform hardship into inspiration.

A Call to Action

My modern landscapes in "Parallels" are more than just panoramic representations. They are a call to action, an invitation to imagine a brighter future. In a world that can often seem mundane, my art encourages viewers to look beyond the ordinary and embrace a world with limitless potential. There is always more to discover, explore, and create.

Infinite Possibility

My fascination with the world around me is at the core of my artistic expression. "Parallels" celebrates the ever-changing landscapes and the boundless possibilities they hold. Through the ethereal gradient layers I employ, I guide the viewer's gaze and transform familiar places into optimistic scenarios. It's an invitation to see the world through a different lens, revealing abundant unexplored opportunities and untapped creativity.

"Parallels" is not just an art exhibition but a personal journey I'm thrilled to share with you. It's a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, there is beauty and hope to be found. As you step into Culture Brewing in Downtown Manhattan Beach, you're not just attending an art exhibition but embarking on a visual and emotional journey that captures the essence of human potential and creativity. "Parallels" celebrates the power of art to inspire, uplift, and remind us of the infinite possibilities surrounding us. I invite you to join me on this extraordinary artistic adventure, where "Parallels" align art with the mind to create a brighter future.

Drica Lobo "Parallels" Art Opening:

Friday, November 3rd, from 5pm to 9pm


Culture Manhattan Beach

327 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

I hope to see you there!

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