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'Decoding the Flow' insider (updated)

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Hello Hello!

I'm so glad to see you here!

Honoring all living things, my experimental new body of work aims to unravel the force that connects us all.

Fueled by my passion for mystic and everyday beauty, this exhibition intend to bridge the world of perception to the world of mystery with a playful, dynamic flow. I can't wait for you to experience 'Decoding the Flow', my solo exhibition of unforgettable 2020.

Because making art is a process of self-discovery.My practice is the exploration of the unknown. This new body of work is where I discovered the answers to most of my questions about the relationship between our state of being and the hidden universal sync that connects all things.

These speculative drawings incorporate fragments of my travels, experiences, and mind to dig the present moment, more than the drawing's meaning. Each pattern is built organically, combining simple lines and dots into complex forms in unexpected ways. Suggestively guided by my attempt to give consciousness to each of my colorful brushstrokes ;)

My hope is for you to immerse your imagination into the flow of my collective vibrational daydreams. To be in awe of your surroundings, shifting perspectives, contemplate the now. You can also expect all new colorful interpretations of our beloved South Bay. They will interconnect from 'energy to matter' through multiple art installations.

Can you think of a new Drica's aesthetic other than in bold colors? Here's a few words to describe this experiment: raw, connection, black, unknown, oneness, energy, fearless, mystery, new, pathways, possibilities. It's the other side of my distinctive, colorful style. It might shock you, in a happy new way.

The virtual opening of “Decoding the Flow” is on Saturday, August 29th (aka my birthday) via Zoom from 6-8pm PST. The show runs through September 12th at Shockboxx, located at 636 Cypress Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA.

(but it doesn't mean you can skip the opening ;)

Color Your Life!





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