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Final notes about my solo

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Hello Hello!

It's getting so close to my solo show, 'Decoding the Flow', happening on August 29th, the date also known as my birthday ;)

Flyer designed by Sommer Mark @sm_creative_

A few important things you need to know:

1. Gallery opening is happening virtually through Zoom. I high recommend for you to Download the app prior the event, in case you don't have it already. You will be able to see the show, acquire your new art online and talk to me directly, while sipping wine at home. How awesome is that? I'm super shy when it comes to video, but I'm doing it all that I can to offer you the best experience.

2. Please add to your notes all the information on the flyer above, specially Zoom ID and password.

3. The show will run through September 12th. The gallery will be open for the following two weeks by appointment and you can make yours HERE. I encourage you to use this method so we can all be at the same page, avoiding miscommunication or large groups arriving together. (High-end collectors leads to my high expectation, don't let me down ;)

4. Please wear your face mask when visiting the gallery. We can all smile through our eyes ;)

5. Shockboxx Project is located at 636 Cypress Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA. Follow them @shockboxx.project and check their amazing work. I'm honored to have my solo there, embracing all new experiences.

6. I have a creative director for my solo show, her name is Sommer Mark. If you are not yet familiar with her work, check her out at @sm_creative_. She is my number one person to go to with all things creative, including this beautiful flyer.

7. You are ONE email away in case of further questions about the show:

In case you missed it:

I will see you soon!

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