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The Power of Positivity

Ever since I was a little girl, that positive mindset shined through most of my days. It was natural for me to see the positive side of most of my bad experiences. I remember giving away small yellow balls with a smiling face on it to some of my friends. I truly believed it could help them achieve happiness, like a magic wand. It was cute and funny. I never realized up until recent times that I would pull from my own experiences growing up, and have an optimistic artist voice, with creations that bring more joy into the world. Today my art career aims to use the artistic platform to help keep that positive spirit alive by inviting a feeling of gratitude to wash over me while I paint and reflect back to my viewers. In a time where all of us are feeling unsure, a bit of positivity can go a long way. So I decided to highlight some optimistic creativity to enjoy!

Check it out the gallery curated to bring you joy and positivity!

Now it's your turn. Let me know in the comments bellow which painting made you feel more positive?

All original paintings are available for sale and ready to hang. Please email to inquiry.

Copyrights reserved Drica Lobo Art.

Love, Drica



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