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SolidARiTy Movement Against Social Injustice

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Drica's original to be auction for social justice

Please join me and many amazing local artists to the SolidARiTy movement against social injustice and racism in America.

This art show is currently up at Resin Hermosa and the online auction starts tomorrow. Proceeds go to local nonprofits Claris Health and SJLI - Social Justice Learning Institute.

Our goal is to help create change through art by transforming boards, used by local businesses during closures, into works of compassion that will be auctioned to help these local nonprofits.

The auction features more than 25 unique art pieces that incorporate donated plywood from South Bay businesses that were boarded-up during the protests this past summer in the wake of George Floyd’s death.


The original painting is part of the auction, and I made prints and t-shirts available in my Society 6 shop. Click to see the collection.


Check out the press on “SOLIDARITY”:

Here are all details you need to help us and make part of history.

VIEW ART IN PERSON: Make an appointment with Chad Drew, from Solidarity or message me.



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