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New art collection 'Abstracts' coming up

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Mark your calendar for Friday, November 18th, 2022. The date my new collection will be released.

I remembered when I had a major creative block for many years, so I took a painting class, and the instructor told me to paint whatever came to mind.

I felt so stagnated that the only thing I could do was a few strokes that looked like a sad little curvy something.

Even though I knew deep inside it was something else to those patterns. I kept working hard to bring back my creative spark, and the wave pattern kept showing up for me.

Then a while back, in 2013, when my art was just a fun hobby, I had this client who commissioned my very first big painting. Her only request was "lots of colors."

That was the first time I felt strongly called to make a living as an artist, and I embraced all colors you could ever imagine. My collector has no idea, but that painting she ordered changed my life and career.

I'm grateful and glad I was paying attention to my body responses to keep going on my wave pattern, which turned into a ''deep exploration'' of frequencies and flow.

That's why I always say that everyone has ART inside of them, and it's' your job to let it out.

Are you excited about the new collection? I am. It's like breaking the rules a little bit for me, and as an artist, a much-needed step to see new creations coming to life.

Leave your comment and let me know your thoughts.





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