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Jumpstart your side gig: tips for artists

Guest writer: Suzie Wilson

Photo credit: Pexels

As an artist, you know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success. While many artists have found success in traditional art galleries and shows, more and more are turning to side gigs as a way to supplement their income and gain exposure. Artist Drica Lobo has compiled some tips to help you jumpstart your side gig so you can start making money and creating art.

Benefits of a Side Gig

Having a side gig can provide an additional source of income while also allowing you to explore new creative outlets. It can give you the flexibility to work when it fits your schedule, allowing you to focus on your artwork without worrying about finances. Plus, having a side gig can give you access to resources that may be difficult or expensive for individual artists, such as equipment rentals or marketing services.

Types of Side Gigs That Are Good For Artists

Numerous types of side gigs are perfect for artists. These include teaching classes or workshops, selling prints or merchandise online, freelance graphic design or illustration work, taking on commissions from other businesses or individuals, and providing art consultation services. Consider your available skills and resources and find the best fit for your talents.

How To Find Gigs

Finding gigs is all about networking! Reach out to friends and family who may know someone looking for an artist’s services. FlexJobs suggests using social media platforms to showcase your work and connect with potential clients. You can also join online communities focused on freelance opportunities where people post projects they need help with. Additionally, research local businesses in your area that might be seeking an artist’s help with projects such as logo design or website creation.

How To Market Yourself

American Express notes that marketing yourself is key when it comes to finding gigs. Make sure your portfolio is up-to-date with recent projects so potential clients can get an idea of what type of work you do. Create business cards with contact information so people know how to reach out if interested in hiring you for a project.

Finally, create a website where potential clients can learn more about the services you offer, along with examples of past projects, so they get an idea of your style before reaching out. It’s helpful if you can convert JPGs to PDFs for easier online posting. You can use a JPG-to-PDF converter to turn images into PDFs to preserve the image's quality (click here for more info). This tool also allows you to convert multiple JPG files into one PDF, so you won't have to email numerous images while working with your website designer.

Use Resume Templates To Refresh Your Resume

When you are trying to jumpstart your side gig, the most important tool you can utilize is a resume. But with so many resume templates available, knowing which is best for an artist is difficult. To make life easier, a free resume builder may be your best bet. It helps you create an attention-grabbing resume in minutes and provides tips and tricks for customizing and personalizing as needed. Perfect for any artist who needs to refresh their resume quickly and efficiently, this resume builder is a great resource.

How To Manage Your Time So You Can Still Create

Streamlining your day-to-day tasks is crucial for efficiently balancing full-time duties and side projects. Prioritize commitments, set deadlines, break down large tasks into smaller ones - consider using a calendar tool like Google Calendar to map out goals - then take breaks in between and make sure you practice self-care! Following these steps will help create balance amidst the hustle while giving you plenty of time to express yourself through artistry.

Turning A Side Gig Into An LLC Venture

If your side gig is successful, you may want to turn it into an LLC. That way, any potential liabilities won't threaten the assets of others and yourself. Although setting up an LLC isn’t especially complicated, filing all necessary paperwork can be overwhelming - so don't hesitate to ask for help from legal experts if needed.

Artistry can be a great way to achieve financial independence. Make sure you're well prepared with some vital steps: get your resume looking sharp and use the right tools, tap into your networks on social media or in local businesses - plus consider starting an LLC for extra protection. Keep track of tasks efficiently using time management calendars and remember that hard work now could lead to lucrative side gigs becoming full-time careers down the road. With dedication comes success; go forth, fearless creatives.

The unique way Artist Drica Lobo explores her acrylic paintings into the canvas in such an evolving way as if colors were feelings and also possibilities. Shop online today or reach out for more information!


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