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Here's why I'm quitting Instagram

Hey, hello friend!

You heard that right! I'm quitting my current account to start fresh on my ORIGINAL one. Let me explain. I'm beyond excited to share some incredible news with you. After a long journey, I have regained access to my original Instagram account, @dricaloboart. This account holds so much history and has been a part of my art journey for almost a decade. Your support and love throughout this time have meant the world to me, and I couldn't have come this far without you.

Fresh Start on Drica Lobo Art Instagram
Fresh Start on Drica Lobo Art Instagram

The past two years have been a whirlwind of growth, transformation, and new beginnings. During this time, I started a new account, which has been an incredible space for engagement and connection. However, I always felt a piece of me was missing, and now, with the return of @dricaloboart, I feel whole again.

As I embark on this rebranding journey, I invite each one of you to join me in celebrating this new chapter. This change is not just about returning to an old account but merging my past with my present and future. I have changed, grown, and expanded in many ways, and I want this account to reflect that evolution.

What to Expect:

  1. Behind the Scenes: Dive into my creative process, challenges, and lessons learned

  2. Secret World of Colors and Symbols: Discover the meanings and stories behind my art's vibrant colors and symbols

  3. Healthy Lifestyle: Join me as I share my journey towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which fuels my creativity and inspiration

  4. Art and More: Of course, you will continue to see my latest artworks, exhibitions, and projects, but now, with a deeper insight into the life that shapes them

  5. Drica Lobo will be coloring life overseas, so stay tuned

  6. Live Interviews: with special guests and much more

  7. Tips: on collecting art, freebies, and much more.

This rebranding is a tribute to more than 10k followers from my original account and all the wonderful new followers from my current account.

Let's unite, support each other, and build a thriving art lovers and enthusiasts community.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Your support means everything to me. Let's continue to create, inspire, and grow together.

Please follow @dricaloboart. You don't necessarily need to unfollow, I will use that account as my backup, but I'll soon not be sharing anything there.

Color Your Life!

With love and gratitude, Drica


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