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Decoding The Flow Book Launch Invitation

You are invited to the "Latinx Author's Panel" at Barnes & Noble, the Grove in LA. As I finish my book 'Decoding The Flow ~ Optimize Your Creative Power With Unshakeable Confidence.'

This is the event with my publisher to launch several of their books, including mine! I'm beyond excited and would LOVE to have you there to see this dream coming true. If I could only tell my younger self that I would be launching a book about creativity at one of the world's largest booksellers in Los Angeles.

Pinch me!

I've been working on this book for almost three years! It all started with one curious idea and research about flow states.

Back in 2019, I got asked to create a piece for an exhibition that was supposed to NOT look like one of my creations. So, instead of bold, colorful paintings, I did the opposite: drawing in black ink. It took me several hours and days to finish the drawing, and it seemed only a few hours had passed for my brain. I have felt this time distortion every time I engage in a creative project and decide it is time to understand what was happening with my brain and body. It had to be something more to this feeling of connectedness with something larger than me and my art!

I became obsessed. And turned into a solo show in the middle of the pandemic at @shockboxx.project 🌀 from there, so many ideas kept forming. So much writing and research I've done to create this masterpiece.

I’m excited to share it with the world finally!

Sometimes, your dreams will unfold better than you expected!

Lesson: Be prepared for it! 🌀

If you want to be part of the event, there are a few steps:

  1. Get your copy signed now on presale HERE

  2. Print your receipt, or screenprint on your phone

  3. Reserve your seat that's limited on launch day at Barnes & Nobles. Here's the link for the event. You HAVE to sign up to be able to reserve your seat (get the free option)

  4. Bring your purchase confirmation to the launch day and I'll hand your signed copy

  5. Have fun with me and these amazing women from Webook Publishing

I'll see you there!



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