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40 Ways to Be More Creative

Hello hello beautiful people!

Today is my Birthday! So I thought of a great way to share all of my years of love for life with you.

Wait for it...

Let's dive into my own personal ‘40 ways to improve your creativity’. Starting today. Yep. I'm very serious about this task, and please don't tell me you are not a creative person... We are ALL infinite creative beings. PRO TIP: just pay attention to your own decisions. 

Ready? Go!

1. Contemplate silence;

2. Work out, any type of sweat will instant give you a sense of liberation, allowing creative flow;

3. Walk around your neighborhood without any device;

4. Look deep into nature;

5. Think of different ways to wear the same outfit;

6. Check it out magazines while you wait at the doctors office;

7. Go over all of your old printed photos;

8. Day dream a lot, even if you think is nonsense;

9. Pay attention to your limiting beliefs;

10. Listen to the ocean once in a while;

11. Listen to the birds;

12. Listen to your inner self-talk;

13. Bikeride;

14. Pay attention to your pet;

15. Order something new on the menu at your local restaurant;

16. Go for a walk in the morning and pay attention to your senses;

17. Pick up the kids in school and talk to new moms;

18. Buy veggies with different colors that you are used to;

19. Go to the local paint and sip class either alone, or with loved ones;

20. Pick your favorite word in the vocabulary and try to make up new words, using the same letters. Make it funny;

21. Learn a new language;

22. Play your son’s/daughter’s videogame for a bit;

23. Meditate;

24.Try wine from another country;

25. Plan your next date at the bookstore;

26. Visit your local Thrift Shop;

27. Go for a run or a jog in your neighborhood;

28. Walk barefoot for a bit;

29. Watch the sunset;

30. Visit the mountains;

31. Pay attention to the colors of your surrounds;

32. Try a new international dish; * Ethiopian is so good.

33. Stay away from the news on TV;

34. Try ONE day without any complain;

35. Visit your local gallery and museum, and wonder of the exact time the artist was painting; 

36. Breathe it all in. Love it all out;

37. Pick up pens, markers and pencils you have around, and create something in a blank paper, anything without judgmental feelings; 

38. Write a letter to yourself to be open 10 years from now; 

39. Go to a popular park and watch people;

40. Visit your local airport and be ready to plan your next vacation. 

Thank you for being part of this! I'm so happy and proud to be able to write this... Please share it and let me know if you implemented some of the tips into your personal life.

Ok, ok. I know it's very hard to stay away from our phones and lives, but I PROMISE you these tips will help your life tremendously. Drica's guarantee!

Color Your Life,




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