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2022 in review

Let's review this year since this is the last week of 2022. It was one of those years that went by so fast. At first, I could only accomplish a little, but then I dug deep and realized I completed fewer but essential things in my personal and professional life.

I probably felt this way because my time in the studio was lower than I expected, and I didn't travel much, which frustrated me. More on that soon!

Here are Drica's ups and downs of 2022!

Photo Credit: The Headshot House


The year started with a fantastic art workshop for almost 40 people in Manhattan Beach. Toward the end of the year, I had four more classes with incredible people. I love teaching these classes so much, so I decided to commit to doing more in 2023.

What do you think about a video format you can watch at home with friends? I would love to know your thoughts. Reply here.


The year started with many incredible art commissions for recurring collectors and Sea Sprite Hotel in Hermosa Beach, CA. I was so excited to be working with a local hotel. Later, my art is also available at H2O Hotel in Hermosa Beach, CA. Stay tuned for the next open spots on art commissions in January.


I was also interviewing artists for my Instagram Live every Friday. I had 52 weeks' worth of incredible and inspired conversations with artists around the globe. Still, I decided to take a break because the format wasn't sustainable anymore, and now I'm more focused on an actual talk show podcast on Youtube, which will be coming up in 2023.


I made fundamental changes in my lifestyle in 2022. I decided to stop drinking, eat very well, and start working out very seriously, and by now, I'm in the best health and shape of my life. If you are interested in my fitness journey, you can follow my personal account in Portuguese on Instagram at @dricalobodalo

I'm not going to say it was easy, but it was something I had been looking for a long time, and I finally decided it was time to get honest with myself and abandon habits that no longer were serving me.


I then had my older Instagram account hacked. I had over 20k followers and more than seven years of content. I was sad and disappointed, but I used this moment to be grateful, knowing that I can always start over because hackers can take away your account, but no one can take away your knowledge and skills. My new account is growing slowly, but everyone who follows me there is engaged and excited about my content creation.


I wrote, published, and launched my first book, Decoding The Flow ~ Optimize Your Creative Power With Unshakeable Confidence. I spent years writing it, and by April, I had to polish and rewrite a few chapters.

I'm not sure if you are into manifestation at all, but I had a piece o paper from last year that I wrote while agonizing with procrastination: "Finish your damn book and launch at Barnes & Noble by your birthday next year." WOW! Listen up! I had no idea what was about to happen, but my publisher called me, saying that I needed to finish the book by July or I would miss a chance to launch at Barnes & Noble in mid-August (my birthday is on August 29). So, I had no other option but to finish writing to see that colossal manifestation come true.

So during June, up until September, I didn't paint at all. I shouldn't feel discouraged because I was using my creativity in another way, but because my studio is my safe place, I was hard on myself. Well, not entirely, because I did create a book cover for another author, and during the launch, all three book covers celebrated that day was my creation.


Right after that, I painted my first public mural in Redondo Beach. I couldn't have done it without Indvisable Art's help. The mural is beautiful, and I'm proud to leave my mark on Redondo Walls.


By November, I launched a brand new Abstracts collection to see how far I could go with my creations by getting out of my comfort zone. I'm thrilled with what I accomplished, but the paintings have yet to sell. ;)


One of my favorite things is sharing my story, art, and background, hoping to inspire people around the globe. This year I was interviewed by my favorite podcast Create Magazine, and the first Brazilian podcast in the US, QCE Podcast. I had a blast! You can listen to them here and here if you still need to.


More of my personal life... I've been dating for over a year, and we decided to adopt two kitties. We named them Lilith & Luna. You probably know how much I love cats, and ever since Brisa passed away, I have felt lonely. So I waited one year to be ready to commit again, and I couldn't be happier with my new cats. They are so cute, and you can follow their adventures on their Instagram page, The Beach Cats.

I'm so ready for 2023, I have big goals, and one of them is to go to France for my Artist Residency. So I'll be sharing more with you.

Thank you for being part of my journey. None of these would be possible without you here. Happy 2023!

Please tell me what you would like to see more from me in 2023. Send your reply HERE.

Color Your Life!

Love, Drica



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