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Selling Art To Hotels

I can finally share some news about the commissioned art pieces I had to create for Sea Sprite Hotel in Hermosa Beach. I was so excited about this project because it was a big dream that I can proudly say its accomplished. But, I have to say this is just the beginning...

Sea Sprite is the ultimate beachfront location on The Strand in Hermosa Beach, a paved pathway that runs along the California coast for 22 miles. It's The perfect getaway spot to feel the sand on your feet and the sunshine on your face. Life's a beach at their vibrant hotel, a family-friendly retreat overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Check out the eight artworks I created for them!

Tell me which one is your favorite?

I hope you love it! If you know any hotel where my art might be a good fit by any change, Please hit me up!

Check out their page:

Color Your Life!




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