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What a colorful world!

I found my very first world map using my recycle paints and it's dated 2014! If you scroll down to the beginning of my Instagram page you will find it. Back them, I didn't have a recognize aesthetic just yet, and was always trying to find ways to be creative and unique. After that map, I did another one, and I started adding my recycle paint to pretty much everything, specially heart shapes... and when I decide to do my solo art show this past October 'There's no Planet B', based on Richard Branson quote: “There is no planet B. We have to take care of the one we have.” So the idea of recycling came back in hand and I did not only made one globe, but 5. And they are in different colors, because... well, you all know me. ;) Cheers to the super glue for allowing my globes to be intact!

They are all for sale! ;)

Color. Your. Life

With love,


The World is Yours. 2014


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