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RECAP 2017

Looking back 2017, it's been the best year so far in my carreer I can't wait to see what's the next year will look like. Let's recap:

I started my year painting 'Moonshadow', with a very powerful full moon on the right. You probably have seen this painting before, it even made the cover of the local newspaper! What an amazing feeling I had! And guest what? Our very first day in 2018, we will have a Supermoon. Its my sign to keep painting full moons all over again.

I also hit the newspaper 3 other times this year. YEAH!

We did our first solo art show in South Bay. Thanks to Frame and Art Dpt. in Hermosa Beach. it was amazing!

Made a trip to Europe for incredible inspiration!

Spread my art into different places such as Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Culver City, Santa Monica and had an incredible feedback.

Started #TroopDricaLoboArt where I can find all my fans and show some love in one place!

Made a beautiful heart mural to my very favorite ONG, Walk With Sally and was able to teach the kids some art at their art program, Heart to Home.

Started with live paintings in events.

Painted over 50 paintings of all sizes. Also, lost a bunch of nights of sleep due dealines and responsabilities.

Became new American citizen.

Made a lot of art shows and conected with incredible people!

Ended my year painting huge mermaids and full moons! There's something so right in saying that, it makes my heart so happy!

I also have a LOGO ;) Thanks to the crew of SPBX.

Best of Nine Picture on Instagram, based on likes and comments.

I would like to finish this post with this amazing quote. It says all about Drica Lobo Art 2017:

'The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.'

Friedrich Nietzsche

Thank you all for this incredible year! I couldn't have done without you.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Color. Your. Life.

Drica Lobo

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