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One painting a day until the first day of 2022

Hello hello!

If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's this: I love a good challenge! Especially when things aren't going according to how I imagine. It took me a while to figure out my trigger motivation, but now I understand how I can regain focus moving forward. If you read my ebook, 'Decoding The Flow,' you may already figure it out!

This year of 2021, I devoted most of my days learning so many new skills, like coaching, video editing, public speaking, being on camera ; ), Friday Flow, creative content, etc. As a result, I ended up disconnecting from my artist practice. However, because the year isn't over yet, I wanted to dedicate this time to create one painting a day until the first day of 2022.

Let's count, from November 2nd of 2021 to January 01st of 2022, we have 61 days. Welcome to '61 DAYS OF DRICA'! #61daysofdricasart

Each painting will be available for purchase on my website and on social platforms. Remember, there will be only 61 originals with the 'challenge feature.' I don't plan to paint too big, but the size will vary from small to medium.

I hope you can support this journey and follow along with me.


I have an artist friend moving to Los Angeles with her French wife next year, and I thought it could be an excellent opportunity to travel while I have them staying in my apartment.

My travel plans to Brazil changed due to personal reasons, and the bigger studio space I had in mind will be on hold as well. I thought, since my artist in residence in France is re-schedule for June-July of 2022. It’s probably enough time to plan to stay in Europe a bit longer. Ideally, 3 months... painting.

This is one of the greatest gifts I can give to the world, the ability to explore, create, inspire, expand, connect.

All of the business profits from this challenge will go towards my art practice in Europe next year. I have a whole plan about this and will share it next week. HINT: You are included. So, be prepared! ;)

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