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Euro Trip + curiosity about me

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

After I got back from Brazil, I did a quick trip to Europe and got to see some more beautiful places, such as London, Prague and North of Italy. I love Europe so much, specially Italy. Did you know that my father is Italian? Yes... and last year I re-connected with my entire side of my family. It felt amazing!

No, I don't speak any Italian just yet, but it is one of my goals for sure. Anyway, I got to see some more classics of the renaissance, like 'The Last Supper', from Leonardo da Vinci. I will tell you, I was literally crying, full of gratitude, hapiness and lots of emotions. It's incredible!!!

I also was luck enough to see at the British Museum, Rodin exhibition! WOW! What an incredible trip!

I also painted some of these places I went, YEAH, and you can find it at my 'Wanderlust Effect' series... My very favorite is Verona, where I painted 'Giulietta's balcony' that inspired Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet! As ficticious the history might be, it's amazing to see all the names and couples and love letters from all of the world. All in name of LOVE. Her balcony also it was one of my only memories I kept since I was 7, when we first went to visit Italy with my family.

To see my full collection CLICK HERE.

Giulietta's home in Verona, Italy. Painting by Drica Lobo



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