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Creative Process of my New Art Installation in Manhattan Beach

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Hello, hello!

The Annual Holiday Open House happens next week in Downtown Manhattan Beach and since there's a contest for the best window display between shops, they all put a huge effort to make some magic.

I wanted to share my process of my newest art installation since I was invited again to transform the window display of Tabula Rasa Essentials into a wonderland of hot air balloons and holiday spirit, without loosing the soul of the beach city.

On my artist vision, I only play one rule: stay true to myself. It's not always easy to stay consistent to my brand, and create something thats exciting and engaging, while exploring my creative juices. But, its possible, specially if you show up with your best self and do the work.

Here are a few shots of the process:

I want to give a shout out of my talent friend, Blakeley Hunter who helped me so much that I probably couldn't have done without her eagerness to make it happen. Alex Diffin, who gave me precious tips on best use of the tools I needed. Janice Nigro, for hanging out with me late night to help me not collapse before seeing the work done. Thank you, ladies! I'm so grateful for your help. The local artist community IS REAL and we need each other.

Huge thanks to Maureen mc Bride, the owner of Tabula Rasa Essentials, for trusting my vision. She is the winner of Woman-Owned Business, Best of Manhattan Beach Awards 2019. Her boutique shop , offers an eclectic selection of home decor, candles, books, fragrances and have a special space for local artists.

I hope to see you guys next Wednesday, November 20th, from 6p to 9p. You can find out more about the event at the city's webpage.

Thank you.

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