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Create! Magazine Featured

Hello hello,

Do you know those vision boards we do towards the end of the year to simply have all of your dreams in one place? I did it and this feature at Create!Magazine was one of them.

I've been following their work for quite a while and not until my fellow artist, Lisa Pedersen, told me I should apply, that I did it. Thank you, Lisa.

The publication features unique contemporary art from around the world and dedicates a significant portion of the magazine to the work of emerging and mid-career artists. It's so beautiful and well curated that when I got my acceptance, I was dancing around like no one was watching! The issues are available in multiple cities around the world, so YEAH to sharing with the world our beautiful South Bay.

The magazine is available in glossy print or digital formats. You can order your copy here or read it my interview at their blog. Enjoy it!

Drica's featured at Create!Magazine Summer Edition 2019

With love and gratitude,



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