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Crafting a unique gallery wall that reflects your style

Guest Writer: Sommer Mark, Interior Designer

As an interior designer, my primary objective when taking on new projects is personalizing their space. I want the space to feel like a genuine reflection of the clients, showcasing their unique tastes and interests. Creating a gallery wall is the perfect way to make a big "wow" statement in your home.

I like to tell my clients that… "a gallery wall should tell a little story about yourself, it should say who you are and what you like, and it should make a big impact." When I create my gallery walls, I like incorporating a plethora of art in different mediums and adding objects. I often want to include paintings (especially Drica Lobo paintings), prints, or other art, like drawings or sketches. I love including photography prints on the wall. Think about mixing family portraits with less subjective ones like landscapes or travel photos. Other ideas for including on a gallery wall could be music album covers you love, vintage magazine covers, or an antique sign or number. What about adding a sculpture, a hat, a clock, or a mirror? Why not throw a floating shelf in the mix with some books or a framed piece resting on it? You can even make it more personalized by creating an art piece yourself. Try to frame a leaf you found at the park with your kids or a seashell you found on your vacation.

When creating a gallery wall, there are no significant rules to follow; however, frames are essential. If you want to do a more eclectic style gallery wall, I suggest choosing about 2-3 colors of frames. For example, maybe I have a few frames in a rustic wood tone and some white and some black frames. If I want a more streamlined gallery wall, I may do all frames in the same color. I always suggest getting frames in different sizes and hanging your frames both vertically and horizontally. I always recommend a white matte when framing if I incorporate art prints or photography. Remember to consider the power of including a matte with your framed piece. It elevates any piece of art or photo.

I have a few tricks that can make hanging your gallery wall easier because, let's be honest, creating a gallery wall could end in disaster with a million holes to patch in the wall, and who doesn't love a good insider tip? I like to make templates for all of my frames or art pieces. You can use brown craft paper, or even old wrapping paper could work. I trace out all my pieces and mark where the hanger goes on the paper. I also suggest writing what color frame it is or what art piece you are hanging on the paper. I then try different layouts on the ground first to see what configuration I like best. Once I am happy with my arrangement, I use painter's tape to hang up my templates. Because I marked where the hanger goes on my template, I know exactly where to hang my nails, avoiding making any mistakes or extra holes.

The ideas are endless regarding what you can add to your gallery wall, but above all, have fun with it, and don't be afraid to be bold and show off who you are. Your space should reflect your unique personality and style.

Check out a few examples in the gallery below!

You can also check some of these videos on my Youtube Chanel:

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From Drica: I hope you love these tips from my favorite interior designer and great friend, Sommer Mark. Please follow her and send this post to a friend who might need these great tips!

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