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Commissioned Art Pieces

I have had so many requests on Instagram about how exactly a commissioned piece works, so I decide to explain the process, step -by-step - Check it out!

1. Be familiar with the artist style and experience with other medias, brushstrokes, color, method, and so on. Just to be sure the painting will match your needs 100%.

2. You've learned and loved the artist, but still can't find the perfect piece or size? Simply as that, just commission an original created for you! Whatever your vision, I can bring it to life!

3. Commissioning art is one of the best ways to receive a meaningful creation. It’s really simple, just describe the style, colors you love or hate, and tell us as much possible about the image you have in mind. Its 100% based on your words that I create an unique and special art just for you. Be clear and have in mind that I am always open for ideas and know how to react in case you need inspiration. You can have a completely new piece or use an existing piece or photograph as inspiration.

4. DLA collect 50% up front, and then the artist gets started. The remaining 50% is due when the art is completed.

5. The work is done with high quality materials ONLY.

I'm accepting a limited number of commission this holiday season and it's first come, first serve basis.

Looking forward to working with you!


- Drica



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