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Behind the scenes: book cover design

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Back in 2020, my mother asked me to design a book cover to give to her friend for Christmas as a joke.

She gave me all the directions and shared her ideas with me. I had never done anything like it, but I felt great about it! I sketched, painted, designed, and delivered in less than two hours!

I tend not to give much attention to finishing projects without deadlines. And when I do have deadlines, I like to create a sense of urgency, completing right before the deadline. Again, it's my ADHD brain playing tricks on me. But this project felt different. I finished the task in a few hours, without a deadline or getting paid to do my job.

I was so excited then had a brilliant idea of extending my services and learning all I could to become a professional book designer. Why not? I could sense something special, and this idea stuck in my head for a while.

I mentioned it to my dear friend Ana about it, and she happens to be a poet, a writer, and a beautiful creator. During COVID, she was the only person I had contact with weekly. After so many crazy ideas and conversations, that idea stuck in her head too.

My desire to design book covers and her willingness to publish her poems aligned. And after a few years, Ana not only became an Amazon bestseller but also started her own publishing company, WeBook Publishing.

How awesome is that! I'm now proudly part of her publishing company designing all book designs. WeBook is a boutique publisher curating stories told by bilingual women. We intend to connect and inspire readers and writers to expand their cultural knowledge of language and storytelling.

So far, I have completed three professional book designs, and WeBook Publishing has a big launch coming up at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles on August 19th 22.

See the gallery below to check them all!

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more exciting news!



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