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3 Reasons Why I Took a Break From Instagram?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Hello hello, amores!

I hope all is well — just a quick message for you to understand my disappearance on Instagram. Oh well, if you didn't notice my lack of posts, it's what I excepted because that's how algorism works these days.

1. The truth is, and please don't judge me, I got so sick of thinking about it my 'obligation' to post everyday. Even if I get super organize and plan my posts a few weeks in advance, I don't feel like it's that thrilling.

I have a clear understanding of how my business is loosing being away from the game, but my sanity is more important. I need space not to think about how I organized my photos in my feed. I took a few weeks off to have my brain in peace with me again. Another reason is that I could keep telling you all of what I called: 'B.S. Machine Excuse,' but...

2. Once I start noticing I was going to a place that I've never been to before, I saw I doubted myself for my achievements. My past few months were full of exciting massive projects that I nailed, opening myself to new perspectives, promising career. Instead of keeping up with the flow, I decided to step away spontaneously. What? Is this even real, dear Impostor Syndrome?

3. The last one is that I have NOT been painting new exciting things, not even as much as I would love too. So, posting receptive ideas is lame, in my opinion, and I do respect my followers.

My reasons aren't forever, or maybe once I put myself out there like now, I will get excited again. It's just a case of introspection. I guess because I used to love sharing things and get my feedback.

Anyway. Things to think about it: Impostor Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, Procrastination, like Drica, has no news. It happens with all of us in the modern world.

P.S. I've worked hard on my website. I've been planing a whole new series, or 100 days of painting, I'm not sure yet. But I'll keep you post it.

What do you prefer?

( ) Brand New Series to be released before the Holidays on Nov 10 with about 25 new paintings of all sizes with a specific matter. (Prices range from 400 to 3500)

( ) 100 Days Project with small painting size, starting on Oct 25, until 02.02.2020. H.A.! (price will range from 170 to 300.

Please comment below. I will fully consider your opinion. Thank you.

I will come back soon. Remember, 'take a break when you get tired, but NEVER, EVER quit.' ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!




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