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Unlike any other collaboration you had ever seen

Hello hello, friend

You won't believe how thrilled I've been into science since my previews solo exhibit and ebook 'Decoding the Flow.' Is there a shortcut to learning more about neuroscience, neuroplasticity, energy, atoms, flow states, universal laws, and so on?

In a pandemic world, my desire to explore extended into our health. Last year, I wondered why so many people were dying due to Covid-19 while others weren't. Like most of us, I was overwhelmed by the news and decided to take a different path in my investigation, listening to people who had a more holistic approach to the situation.

One of the podcasts that caught my attention talked about Vitamin D, the immune system, and the importance of living in tune with Mother Nature and our natural ecosystem. Long story short, I was very intrigued by what I heard, mainly because I've been having sleep problems, anxiety, and bruxism in the past years. Little did I know they are signs of Vitamin D deficiency. I was also shocked to hear about some not really exciting things about the diet I've been on for 7 years. I'll link to the interview below.

I researched the doctor who was giving the interview: a Canadian dentist and entrepreneur, Dr. Joel Gould. His book "The Modern Epidemic" lays out a new health paradigm focusing on organic, non-pharmaceutical solutions for the most common autoimmune diseases and natural regeneration, founded on ancestral health and evolution.

Dr. Gould is a dentist with 30 years of experience in Canada and the United States. What a coincidence when I found out he lives in Hermosa Beach. Yay! With the help of Instagram, we had a chance to connect. Not only that, we are now collaborating on something unique that will bring a whole new dimension to the human health experience.

Wait for it…

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Joel Gould, so you can hear all about our next big project.

Dr. Gould, founder of MHG & Modern American Dentistry

1. Introduce yourself / brand and share briefly about your experience collaborating with local artists.

After practicing dentistry for over 30 years in Canada and the U.S., I'm launching several books in a completely new healthcare paradigm based on prevention and organic root cause solutions. As a clinician or a doctor that actively treats patients daily, I became fascinated with sleep apnea syndrome and general health. I discovered that strangely enough, a considerable portion of health and wellness knowledge has been omitted from traditional Dentistry and Medicine. This information is related to the growth of children's Craniofacial structures and airways. It can affect their life profoundly if not understood and treated with proper preventive measures. My focus over the next coming years is to bring that information to the general public understandably and entertainingly.

2. What draws your attention to Drica's work?

I've partnered with several local artists to bring forward vibrant images to make science accessible entertaining to adults and children. I was specifically looking for somebody to paint the backdrop for the series of movies, cartoons, and animations that I've created to accompany this new paradigm I'm presenting globally.

My movies and cartoons take place in "The World Inside," as in the world inside our bodies cells, an environment full of different water types.

3. Why do you think it is a good fit for the work you are doing?

When I saw Drica's portrayal of the reflection of light in water, I knew I had found the artist that I wanted to represent one of the most important images that have ever been portrayed. She has a unique ability to capture movement and energy in an iconic way. She will be drawing several forms of water that are very scientifically important and should have a very specific look and feel. Because of their relationship to health and aging,

I believe these images are going to be very important for our future understanding of how our health has been compromised by the pharmaceutical industry and the standard practice of medicine.

4. What do you expect from this collaboration?

In any collaboration, my goal is to showcase the artist's best features and talents. Because my paradigm is related to children's entertainment, toys, and some very specific graphic representations of health science, I wanted to work with somebody interested in science. Drica also understands how merchandise images work to be able to create a following and excitement for a movement.

When I saw 'Decoding the Flow' and the science spin she had put on her creative talents, I knew that this would be a good fit.

5. What is the end result you aim to gain from this project?

Any project that can be profitable is guaranteed to be more successful. Because of the way that Drica has marketed herself and has products that very vividly show her skill set, I knew that this particular collaboration would be ideal. Our goal is to create wearable art that's fun, brightly colored, and tells the story of humanity and Mother Nature. Aside from the iconic nature of her work in art, she is an incredible savvy entrepreneur and has provided her fans and the audience with the ability to purchase her goods that are very accessible.


All I have to say is: How freaking wholesome, powerful, inspired & authentic is that? I'm beyond excited and honored to have my work involved in such a meaningful movement. There's a lot more to this story, and I promise to keep you post it along the way.

For now, please send some biochemistry vibes my way! Because Drica here has no idea what she did in school while mitochondria & electron transport chain classes were on! With the help of Dr. Joel's Gould vision, and some curious digging, it makes it even more interesting for me to create a new twist on the wonders of our cellular respiration and beyond.

Is there the beginning formation of my next solo exhibition? Maybe? I would love to hear your thoughts. Reply to , or leave your comment below.

Please visit Modern Hunter Gatherers website & get his e-book "The Modern Epidemic" for free. Follow Dr. Joel Gould on IG @modern_hunter_gatherers and be open to share this information with friends and family who might be interested. You can also listen to the

podcast interview I mentioned in this article.

Can't wait to hear from you!

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