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New art installation at Hermosa Harmony Festival

If you know just a bit of me, you know how much I love creating art installations. It's when I feel freer to step outside my comfort zone and let my creative genius stand out without judgment (not an easy task). Adding up when it comes to the Hermosa Beach community, where I have lived for the past 14 years, in SouthBay, CA.

I'm stoked to collaborate in this weekend experience creating a selfie wall for Hermosa Harmony Festival - "An Immersive High-fidelity Headphone Experience!"-- Kindness + Community + Collaboration -- Can you tell? Watch this video and prepare to LAUGH a bit.

Side note: I always thought of myself as the most hard-worker artist ever (I'm still am ;)). It turns out, ever since I started recording reels for my Instagram, its almost like I've made peace with my inner child ;) I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do, planning and recording it.

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Back to the event deets! The Hermosa Harmony Festival offers an immersive experience of sight, sound, and wonder, bringing together community, kindness, and collaboration. The family friendly affair is low impact, but raging in studio-quality sound.

If you are in Los Angeles or surroundings, you don't want to miss the event this Saturday. WHY? It is a FIRST-ever silent beach music festival, where attendees experience live music, DJs, and wellness experiences through high-fidelity headphones.

We're going to have five stages. People can select from DJ stages, live music, dance, and wellness experiences from reiki to yoga and ecstatic dance. The beauty is, you pick what you want to be a part of. Each concert goer receives a headphone offering five channels, so they can dial into the music of their choice.

It's a safe outdoor experience that's memorable and good for your well-being!

Get your tickets today as they are selling out fast, and use my promo code 'DRICA' at check out to get $10 OFF. Get them HERE .

I hope to see you there!

For Hermosa Harmony Festival details + ticketing information, go to:

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