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Breaking away from tradition: painting my biggest mural yet

Hello hello friend,

This week, I've been engaged with my latest project: a mural for a preschool in Redondo Beach. It's my largest mural to date, and what makes it truly special is that it will illustrate all four seasons of the year. This unique concept has taken me out of my comfort zone, as the design doesn't include the usual ocean or South Bay themes that I often paint.

The preschool approached me during the holidays last year, and after several meetings and brainstorming sessions, we closed the deal. I've been eagerly awaiting their Spring break to begin painting finally, and I started on Monday.

The challenge of creating a mural that goes beyond my usual artistic style has been invigorating, and I'm excited to see the final result. As an artist, pushing the boundaries of my creativity is always a welcome challenge.

Although I can't reveal the mural's subject matter just yet, as it will be unveiled in a few days, I'm confident that it will be a unique and captivating depiction of the four seasons.

This project has been a refreshing departure from the usual coastal themes I often paint, and it's a testament to the preschool's willingness to break away from tradition and embrace a fresh approach to mural art. It's been a thrilling experience to see my vision come to life with each brushstroke, and I can't wait to share the finished mural with you.

I've been posting on Facebook and Instagram stories daily with the step-by-step process. Check it out!

In addition to this project, I'm revising my new pieces and creating fresh artwork for the upcoming Trifecta exhibition. It's been an exciting and involved time for me as an artist, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to explore new creative horizons.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of my latest mural, and follow my artistic journey as I continue to break away from tradition and push the boundaries of my art. Don't miss out on this unique project taking my art to new heights!

Color Your Life!

Love, Drica


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