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4 ways to display small artwork like a pro

Most of my recent artwork from the latest art challenge collection is small but mighty. I decided to offer them for the holidays because they are perfectly giftable. They can bring so much delight and make your celebration extra special this year.

Small artwork is a joy to have around your home, shining with their own personality. I'm a big fan of filling my home with fine art, and I love it when they can add vibrance to a corner, transforming that awkward empty space into a happy nook.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas on how you can display them at your home:

1. Fill a narrow wall or awkward space

Some tight wall areas could use a visual boost. For example, the right piece of art can make a nook wall or limited space between two doors or windows very appealing.

2. Showcase a shelf

Small artwork is an opportunity to rearrange and refresh bookshelves.

3. Lean it against a wall or backsplash

Art in the kitchen or bathroom can add a finished look in a surprising way.

4. Create a gallery wall

Chances are that the small artwork you just acquired complements your collection. For example, consider a set of paintings, prints, or photographs that tie together well — perhaps a similar theme, colors, or framing.

I spoke with interior designer and Youtuber Sommer Mark, who gave the perfect tip of how you can incorporate objects and art into your gallery wall:

"Displaying works of art in your home is a fun way to personalize your space! I always suggest creating a gallery wall for my design clients. A gallery wall is perfect for mixing small works of art with photos and objects. It should show off a little bit of your personality, who you are, and what you enjoy. It should make you smile every time you look at it."

Check out Sommer's work, she is so talented! The picture above is the gallery wall she helped me design for my home. You can watch the video from my bedroom makeover here:

I hope you enjoy these tips! If you need extra help deciding on your next painting, don't hesitate to contact me for additional assistance.

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