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Dare to Be Bold

Quarter-mile markers featuring local artwork to go up along the Hermosa Beach seawall. So excited to be one of the selected artist. 130 artists submitted work for the project, which were narrowed down to 10 finalists!

The Leadership Hermosa’s 2018 class project, “Mark Your Mile,” is designed partly to “help people get away from their technology as they are running” and to encourage health and fitness, according to the group. The eight markers will be unveiled on June 2.

The selected art is one of my favorite because it was the first one I painted with curved lines to represent calmness and safety of the ocean, as well movement and speed. After years of my art practice, I found these my most natural way to render my view as a path made by a moving point. Since then, my ocean became more unique, bold, balanced and colorful. I like to call these changes as the beauty of mastering your craft.

The original still available for sale. It's acrylic on canvas, 48"x48", signed 2017. $2200.00. Contact us if you are interested.





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