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Curious and Iconic Art Collectors

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

If you live in Hermosa Beach, you've probably heard about this beautiful home that looks like it belongs in South Beach, Florida. Following the same art deco architecture trend, this home is not only gorgeous, colorful and full of flamingos, but it belongs to this lovely couple who I had the pleasure of providing a commissioned piece for.

Meet Julie Claflin & Richard Chertow, the couple that collects more than original art they have almost a passion for these pink flying friends, and a lot more. They were kind enough to open their door and share their history with us.

Q & A

1. First things first, what is the story on how this peculiar collection began?

A. Trips to South Beach Miami and the grace and color of flamingos.

2. Do you remember the first piece of Flamingo inspired art you ever purchased?

A. 1940's Turner mirror, framed flamingo picture that we each owned separately when we met 33 years ago.

3. Was the piece you purchased from me your first Flamingo original art piece? Any comments on your original Drica Lobo Art?

A. No, we have many flamingo art pieces. Drica's art though, we love the color and emotion it evokes.

4. Are there any other things you feel so strongly about or any additional, unique collections?

A. Art deco, vintage pottery, purses, salt & pepper shakers, glamour girls, cocktail shakers to name a few.

5. How long have you been living in Hermosa Beach? Has your home always had a flamingo-esque feel to it?

A. We built our house 27 years ago in the style of Miami south beach, so our flamingos go well here. Julie grew up in Hermosa Beach.

6. Do you know how many flamingos and flamingo art works you own to this date?

A. Not sure, they're on the walls, etched in the glass, on the shelves and of course on the grass.

7. Have you spent time with real flamingos? If so, where?

A. Yes, all around the world!

8. What do your friends and family say about your collection? Have they helped you add to it?

A. They love it! We try to collect only vintage and honestly we’re running out of room.

9. Have there ever been days you get tired of the pink flamingos and you felt like moving and starting over with a new collection?

A. Maybe someday a little beach house with less to dust! We'll always love flamingos though.


Some glamour girls in the collection!

Amazing deco furniture

The kitchen black & white provides contrast

There is almost always a story behind the beginning of collections. Which also rings true with original art. #DricaLoboArt loves to hear stories like this! Tell us about your eccentric collection or your favorite original art piece! Special thanks to Hermosa Beach locals, Julie Claflin & Richard Chertow for taking the time to tell us their lovely story and to be part of #dricalobotroop original art collectors!

- Drica



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