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Calendar 2020 Presale is ON!

We have 26 pages full of love to make your 2020 the best year of your life!

Size is 12"x12" and you will be able to save each month and frame it after all. YAY! Please note that it is a limited edition and it will be in your hands by December 9th (if you purchase until Sunday, November 30th).


1. All images with white border so you can frame it after use;

2. My favorites inspirational quotes to help your dynamic of life flow;

3. Full Moon and holidays announcements;

4. Drica's unique color blends and newest artworks.


This is my very first time offering a presale calendar and to be truth, I'm kind of nervous about it. Only because expectations and reality sometimes don't reverse same results.. But mostly important, I want you to feel confident after your purchase, knowing that I'm 100% committed to only bring you the best.

Drica Lobo Art is a tiny blooming business and I don't have a huge amount of expected sales, that's why my price is not $15 or $20 like elsewhere in the internet. The smallest the order quantity, the more expensive it gets.

Presale buyers wanted! It's highly recommended to help us minimize extra costs or waste, and for you, to get it firsthand right after printing, just like eating a fresh pie barely out of the oven. The same you are probably baking it right now for Thanksgiving... With no finger marks all over it, not even any marks that usually gets it from place to place .

"It's my promise to you that all and only presale orders will be HAND signed by me, in all 12 images"!

So please, please, place your orders. :)

Without further questions and risk free: we offer 100% money back guarantee if you ended up not happy with this product.

Thank you so much to all of you who already ordered it.

If you are ready to purchase now, please go to PRESALE IS ON!

Wishing you all the happiest Thanksgiving!

Much Love,




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