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Art Definition

Hello Hello!

Have you ever considered the value of all arts? I mean, how can we know the right exchange for art in the modern world?

All I can think of are listed below. I need your help to fill the missing art definition. Please reply to this email with your ideas. I would love to get ten thousand and twenty more definitions of art to help the flow of creation around us.

Here it goes...

Art is a confession

Art is an idea

Art is only one

Art is an identity

Art expresses a thought

Art turns into reality

Art is an emotion

Art is an object

Art is a form

Art is a mystery

Art is vital

Art is a hidden natural reaction

Art is a translation

Art is history

Art is timeless

Art is the answer

Art is to be seen

Art is an experience

Art is many layers of meaning

Art is energy

Art is a manifestation

Art is your higher self

Art is an act

Art is a call

Art is a representation

Art is courage

Art is for everyone

Art is alignment

Art is value

Art is a journey

Art is... (Define art in your own words)

Just saying... also declaring 'The Ultimate Source of Art Meaning' as our creation, so we can clarify the value of art in a modern world. Coming soon after replies reach maximum capacity. Please share, we do need your help!

Thank you.

Color your life,


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